August 23, 2021 submission - data availability



We are submitting the Medrxiv data to a peer-reviewed journal. This required us to revise the figures and the R script used to generate them. We are also adding culture data to the line list per a request from @vercheckt on Twitter.

We are also updating the Medrxiv article to harmonize with the journal submission and the journal's stylistic requirements.


  • Ct values, vaccine status, culture attempted, and symptom presence for specimens described in manuscript [link]
  • Same data as above, with virus culture quantification from the same samples (after one additional freeze thaw) [offline because titration results from additional samples with one less freeze thaw are now available]
  • Virus titration from an additional set of samples with a single freeze-thaw (added 30 Sept 2021) [link]


  • R code used to generate manuscript figures [link]