Issue IDTypeAreaTitleAssigned ToPriorityStatusMilestone
2406Website IssueDHOExperiment database creates multiple identical recordspbohn3resolved 
2446 DHO"Wired disconnect" alert on dhogalSalendra Singh2open 
2391Website IssueDHOCan't add a new vendorkhall3resolved 
2390 DHOMake product numbers easily visible in the purchasing databasegstarrett3open 
2432 Immunology ServicesInternet and email outrwiseman3resolved 
2431Website IssueGenetics ServicesMiSeq LabKey import Run 183 : Sample ID NOT AN INTEGER : EXTRA BLANK LINES AT THE END OF FILE.rwiseman4resolved 
2417Website IssueDHOPurchasing modules status drop-down errorsjkarl3resolved 
2389Website IssueGenetics ServicesError msg during haplotype database uploadpbohn3resolved 
2416 DHOBlack screen for personal account on xdhofs1jkarl3resolved 
2414Website IssueGenetics ServicesGenetics Services purchasing module errorjkarl3resolved 
2392Website IssueDHO"Virus Strain" link under "Edit Allowable Values" tab in freezer database incorrectly links to the oligonucleotide database.bcain2resolved 
2388Website IssueDHOPurchasing module errorjkarl3resolved 
2285 DHOExpt 12369npham3resolved 
2286 DHOExpt 12372npham3resolved 
2387Website IssueDHOPurchasing database error: reordering previously ordered productsbcain2resolved 
2383Feature RequestDHODirect link from DHO start page to interface to search/manage allele databasegstarrett3open 
2365Website IssueGenetics ServicesJr Read Length Distributions no longer render correctly post-LabKey 12.3 upgraderwiseman3resolved 
2291Website IssueGenetics ServicesCan't download .sff files associated with junior runsddudley3resolved 
2424 DHOExperiment Database: can't filter using the "created by" columnrwiseman3resolved 
2287 DHOExpt 12411npham3resolved 
2443Website IssueDHOMiSeq LabKey importSalendra Singh3open 
2428Website IssueDHOexperiment module - user names disappearedSalendra Singh3open 
2423Website IssueGenetics ServicesMiSeq45 data transfer to Labkeyrwiseman3resolved 
2421 DHOBonobo login not workingrmorgan@primate.wisc.edu3resolved 
2399Feature RequestDHOBatch import of new sequences into databasegstarrett3open 
2427Website IssueGenetics ServicesRoche/454 GsJr run datarwiseman3resolved 
2426Website IssueDHOExperiment Database: STILL can't filter using the "created by" columnrwiseman3resolved 
2405Website IssueGenetics ServicesMiSeq data transfer to LabKey database (Continued)rwiseman3resolved 
2402Website IssueGenetics ServicesMiSeq data transfer to LabKey databaserwiseman4resolved 
2Computer SupportDHOunable to connect to the wireless networkgstarrett3resolved 
2283Website IssueGenetics ServicesDownloading FASTA files for individual animals from a GS Junior runrwiseman3resolved 
2284Website IssueDHOError message after freezer samples are deleted from inventory.bcain3resolved 
2288Feature RequestOtherMHC SSP data exportnholman3resolved