Issue 2406: Experiment database creates multiple identical records

Assigned To:pbohn
Type:Website Issue
Opened:2013-09-10 by pbohn
Changed:2013-09-11 by Salendra Singh
Resolved:2013-09-11 by Salendra Singh
2013-09-10 pbohn
Title»Experiment database creates multiple identical records
Assigned To»Salendra Singh
Type»Website Issue
A couple of times recently I have created an experiment in Labkey and before it generates the entry, if I click the button multiple times to create an experiment, it creates multiple, identical rows in the experiment table, with the same experiment # assigned. I'm not sure if this is a new issue or not, but it could cause problems if only one of those entries gets files uploaded to it, and someone clicks on a different entry for the same experiment but cannot find the files. Not a big deal, I will just be more patient clicking the button in the future, but thought I would bring it to your attention in case others are having the same problem. Thanks!

2013-09-11 Salendra Singh
resolve as Fixed
Assigned ToSalendra Singh»pbohn
Thank you Patrick for bringing this issue in consideration. I saw multiple entries for your experiment. I had checked the experiment module and made some entries on my own. I found that it is working fine and as soon i click submit it freezes the screen and give the message that experiment has been added to the portal. The above issue could have generated while somebody was working with the script or was a technical glitch for very short time. I will love to see if it happens again.