Issue 2399: Batch import of new sequences into database

Assigned To:gstarrett
Type:Feature Request
Opened:2013-06-12 by jkarl
Changed:2013-06-14 by gstarrett
2013-06-12 jkarl
Title»Batch import of new sequences into database
Assigned To»gstarrett
Type»Feature Request
Would it be possible to batch import new sequences into the sequence database from a fasta file? This would be extremely helpful for whenever I need to add new sequences from GenBank/IPD for the yearly releases.

2013-06-12 gstarrett
Yes. Does the header from GenBank/IPD have information that can be parsed and put into some of the fields for the database?

2013-06-12 jkarl
Yes, it does - at the very least, the header will have name and GenBank ID (and IPD ID, when available). If there's anything else that would be easiest to add via the header like that (any of our region, locus, species, origin info, etc.) I could easily build those into the header as well. Basically, as long as I know what info needs to be in the header I can make sure that it's there.

Also, would it be possible to change over the current "full length" check box to a drop down of "full length", "partial", and "short"?

2013-06-14 gstarrett
So I have added the ability to select partial, short, and long into the insert sequence form. Do you want to be able to search by length as well? However you prefer the header to be formatted I can work with. It just needs to be consistent every time you want to batch upload fasta files.