Issue 2283: Downloading FASTA files for individual animals from a GS Junior run

Assigned To:rwiseman
Type:Website Issue
Area:Genetics Services
Opened:2012-09-18 by rwiseman
Changed:2012-09-19 by gstarrett
Resolved:2012-09-19 by gstarrett
2012-09-18 rwiseman
Title»Downloading FASTA files for individual animals from a GS Junior run
Assigned To»gstarrett
Type»Website Issue
Area»Genetics Services
We seem to have lost the ability to "view sequences" and download FASTQ files from individual animals for runs prior to Jr404 (those not displayed on the Genetics Services top page). I noticed this because I need to assemble the DRB reads for AC248/MID66 from Jr403 so I can name a novel allele(s) for the transplant group at Pitt (DRB-W*06g has 69 forward reads but to reverse reads in your Genotyping Analysis 245). We also can't see the read length distributions for any runs anymore. Let me know when you have a chance to get this sorted out.

2012-09-19 gstarrett
resolve as Fixed
Assigned Togstarrett»rwiseman
We haven't lost the ability to view sequences for runs prior to jr404. Jr403 happened to be a run where someone did not fill out their library information with the correct amplicon name. Because of that the automatic filtering function on the view sequences page does not work correctly. This can be circumvented by clearing the filters on the page and applying your own. Otherwise, to properly fix the problem the run must be deleted then reimported into the system after its library information is corrected. The read length distribution is a security issue that I will resolve today.