MHC contract HHSN272201100026C supports the production and distribution of reagents for understanding macaque MHC genetics. This includes plasmids containing individual MHC alleles, cell lines expressing individual MHC molecules, B cell lines from MHC-defined macaques, and MHC allele-specific antibodies. We also maintain protocols that enable other investigators to produce their own reagents.

Improving technologies are changing the utility of some of these reagents. Plasmids containing individual MHC alleles are no longer necessary for full-length allele discovery, and these allele sequences can be inexpensively synthesized commercially. Moreover, it is simpler and more economical to prepare cell lines that transiently express single MHC alleles than to maintain and propagate cell lines where alleles are stably expressed. These reagents remain available through this contract portal, but we encourage investigators to explore these newer technologies for newly identified alleles where these reagents do not exist.

Please contact Dr. Roger Wiseman to request new reagents or for information on obtaining any of these reagents. Investigators are expected to pay reasonable shipping fees.